Recovery Scholarship

How it works, The Process, and Who We Are Helping…

Our Scholarship is in place to help individuals who qualify with 7- weeks of rental assistance and a recovery coach to help scholars transition to a new environment.

The Corvino Foundation Inc. Recovery Scholarship is partnered with organizations, including the Herren Project, New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health, Mrs. Wilson’s Halfway House, Anderson House/Turning Point, Garden State Treatment Center & Freedom House. 

How It Works

Management, Administration, and Nominations

The Herren Project is helping us to manage and administer the scholarship, including awarding the scholarship. The Herren Project also helps to manage the placement of individuals within the Foundation’s network of Recovery Houses and assigns a Recovery Coach to each Corvino scholar to help with the transition process.

Manage and Administration…

New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health in Marlboro, NJ, currently manages two Halfway Houses, one for Men and one for Women. New Hope will nominate candidates for scholarships.

Mrs. Wilson’s Halfway House for Women in Morristown, NJ, will nominate candidates for scholarships.

Anderson House for Women in Whitehouse Station, NJ will also nominate candidates for Scholarships.

Garden State Treatment Center in Spart, NJ will nominate candidates for Scholarship. 

Freedom House Halfway House for Men in High Bridge, NJ will nominate candidates for Scholarship. 

Scholarship Nominations…

The Corvino Foundation has established relationships with a number of Recovery Houses throughout the Central and Southern NJ area that will offer a sober living environment for individuals on Scholarship.

Our Network

In the process of awarding a scholarship…

scholar is nominated …

A scholar is nominated by a case manager that works for one of our partner treatment centers or halfway houses. The case manager sends us the application, a signed recovery coach contract, and a personal statement from the individual looking for a scholarship which is reviewed for acceptance.

application evaluation

The Herren Project evaluates the application and, depending upon the applicant’s need and commitment to recovery awards the scholarship.

Recovery House Placement…

Upon approval, the applicant is placed in a Recovery House within the Corvino Foundation’s network and the Foundation pays the rent to the Recovery House on a weekly basis through the Herren Project.

Each scholarship is for seven weeks rent in the Recovery House, and the percentage of rent paid by the scholarship is reduced over that time, requiring the scholar to pay a larger share each week so that he or she is paying 100% at the end of the seven weeks.

Recovery Coach

Once placed, a scholar is assigned a Recovery Coach to assist with the transition to life in the Recovery House.

Each Recovery Coach is a certified peer recovery specialist with experience working alongside individuals in early recovery. A Recovery Coach will help the scholar with any resources needed for the first 7 weeks and spend approximately 14 hours in total with them.

After the
7-week period…

When the 7-week period is completed the Corvino Foundation Inc. and The Herren Project remain in contact with the individual should they need any assistance.

Women and Men who have committed to progress through the Recovery System in New Jersey, by entering Detox (if needed), alcohol or drug Rehab, and residing in a Halfway House for further recovery assistance.

Who We Are Helping

individuals who are committed to progess…

A person who wants to make a continued commitment to their recovery by entering a Recovery House/Sober Living Community and doesn’t have the financial means to make the initial rental commitment can apply for a Corvino Foundation scholarship.


to make a continued committment…

In most cases recovering individuals must budget for additional responsibilities including court costs, surcharges, child support, and children with family members.

Preparing For Independence

recovering individuals must budget…

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