Recovery House Network

We are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside the Recovery House Network below. Each one of these Recovery House Systems have gone above and beyond, giving individuals an opportunity to stay sober in a safe environment and grow spiritually.

AFAR (A Future After Rehab)

AFAR recovery houses are the next step in the substance abuse recovery process. AFAR offers food, lodging, transportation, and vital services needed to provide a safe and supportive transition into a life of sobriety.  AFAR helps those in recovery with employment opportunities and responsibilities to learn how to live a life free from drugs and alcohol. 

Phoenix Recovery House System

Many years ago, the founders of Phoenix Recovery first met while living in the same sober living home. At that recovery house, they discovered a new way of life, regained self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence which subsequently allowed each of them to completely reinvented themselves. Their recovery journey has led them to a better, happier lives than either could have ever imagined. All the successes and accomplishments each has achieved would not have been possible without the gift of recovery. Throughout the years, they have become best friends and have forged an unbreakable bond. It was their dream to one-day open recovery homes to provide men and women the same life changing opportunities to redirect the course of their lives, create lasting friendships, and enjoy continuous recovery. They fulfilled that dream by creating Phoenix Recovery and welcome anyone searching to find themselves into their homes.

Tabor House

In 2001, three friends shared a vision to help the still sick and suffering alcoholic and addict and their families be restored to a life of freedom from the bondage of addiction. Today, a friendship, a fellowship and a legacy have endured, long may it continue!

The Hanson Foundation Inc.

The Hansen Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide persons with substance use disorders affordable, long-term, safe recovery residences, access to treatment, community programs, and the tools needed to lead healthy productive lives.

To see the Hansen Foundation be recognized as a national leader in Recovery Housing and Recovery Resources for those affected by the disease of addiction and their families.  To maintain a strong 12-step philosophy while continuing to incorporate innovative techniques for a conscious sustainable recovery community.

Soberfit Recovery Housing

Soberfit strives to provide a sober, safe and clean environment to allow men recovering from addiction to successfully transition back into society. 

Allow our residents the opportunity to develop life skills in a structured environment, giving them the resources and tools required through the help and guidance from our leadership committee.


We dedicate ourselves to those who have dedicated themselves to a life of sobriety. We provide a sober living environment where the focus is to remain clean, make strong new friendships and be inspired to get to next levels of life and success!

We at the Corvino Foundation Inc. would like to thank you for your commitment to our mission of providing scholarships to individuals leaving one of our Treatment partners and transitioning into Recovery Housing.

We have seen a lot of growth in our last three years and a phenomenal retention rate of scholars completing our 6 month program. Assisting with rental payments and providing each scholar with a Recovery Coach has changed the lives of so many trying to recover from their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

We here at the Foundation have decided to take a big step and become a division of the Herren Project around a new name, the Consortium for Recovery.

This change will allow us to focus primarily on growing our program here in New Jersey and at the same time expanding our program to other states.   With the help of our new Consortium members, who make this commitment possible, we are going to be providing our scholarship and structure outside our New Jersey borders. We are excited about this new phase of our program and hope you will continue to support us moving forward. The link below will take you to our new home at the Herren Project.  

Please reach out to us with any questions:   

Recovery is a journey and change is inevitable.