The Scholarship Fund is just the beginning.

As we grow, the Corvino Foundation will expand its support to those who are truly committed to their health and growth in recovery.

True recovery is based on a commitment made each day regardless of the length of time an addict has been clean and sober.

A Bright Future

The Scholarship Fund is just the beginning.

Recovery Coach

Extension & Alumni, Group

The Corvino Foundation has extended our Recovery Coaching hours for our scholars from 7 weeks to 6 months. Providing the scholar with a foundation of support for continued success.

Along with our partner, The Herren Project, scholars will also have the option of joining our Alumni Group so we can stay in contact with them and share in their successes in recovery, while also allowing them to create a support group for life.

The Corvino Foundation will be working with AFAR “A Future After Rehab” to provide more recovery housing options to help make our program more sustainable and allow for residents to pay less expensive rent.

This will help residents to pay off debt and increase savings so they can transition back into life on their own sooner.

Recovery House

In House Support

We at the Corvino Foundation Inc. would like to thank you for your commitment to our mission of providing scholarships to individuals leaving one of our Treatment partners and transitioning into Recovery Housing.

We have seen a lot of growth in our last three years and a phenomenal retention rate of scholars completing our 6 month program. Assisting with rental payments and providing each scholar with a Recovery Coach has changed the lives of so many trying to recover from their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

We here at the Foundation have decided to take a big step and become a division of the Herren Project around a new name, the Consortium for Recovery.

This change will allow us to focus primarily on growing our program here in New Jersey and at the same time expanding our program to other states.   With the help of our new Consortium members, who make this commitment possible, we are going to be providing our scholarship and structure outside our New Jersey borders. We are excited about this new phase of our program and hope you will continue to support us moving forward. The link below will take you to our new home at the Herren Project.  

Please reach out to us with any questions:   

Recovery is a journey and change is inevitable.