The Scholarship Fund is just the beginning.

As we grow, the Corvino Foundation will expand its support to those who are truly committed to their health and growth in recovery.

True recovery is based on a commitment made each day regardless of the length of time an addict has been clean and sober.

A Bright Future

The Scholarship Fund is just the beginning.

One on
one Therapy

To help bolster our scholars' foundation

The Corvino Foundation will establish a network of licensed therapists who can offer therapy to those on scholarship.

The therapy would be covered by the Corvino Foundation to help bolster the foundation its scholars are building.

Though it is important, the Recovery House/Sober Community stay is not the end goal.

The Corvino Foundation hopes to prepare each individual on scholarship to make his or her transition from the Recovery House to living completely on their own.

Corvino Foundation’s goal is to provide a program that will help each individual to successfully transition by preparing months in advance, so the pieces are in place to help them achieve their goals.


We're not the end goal.